So my thing is digital design and ecommerce and has been for around 7 years now and I've been a designer for almost a decade now. *gulp* 


I've had a varied past working in design and development but I found my calling helping entrepreneurs get the website they want to get the sales they need.


Nearly dying made my career

I studied graphic design at university and then went into design agencies mainly doing print work and branding but working alongside developers, where I starting getting interested in digital design and Wordpress.

The big change came when I was a victim of a car accident and during my recovery I decided to not waste the time I had and taught myself to code, building my husbands website which quite simply unlocked a whole new side to my career.

From what I learnt I then started my ecommerce journey working for JD Sports and ecommerce agencies which gave me 5 years learning from the best in online retail and discovering the Shopify platform.

I learnt so much from Mailchimp email marketing to eye catching banner designs to SEO best practices and so much more.

Car crash Hospital wall


My time at Shopify

I decided I wanted a bit of an adventure, before doing the whole grown up thing, so I set sail for Vancouver, Canada. A week before I left I saw a blog post from Shopify saying they were hiring Gurus and after 3 intense Skype interviews I made it into the 2% of applicants that get hired.

For 6 incredible months I got to work for Shopify themselves as a guru, working from home and getting to visit the incredible head office in Ottawa. I loved helping merchants with my pre-exisiting knowlegde of all things ecommerce as well as learning everything there is to know about the platform.

ME at Shopify Head Quarters in Ottawa Make Commerce better for everyone

Going Solo

When I came back to the UK (Preston, Lancashire to be exact) in December 2016 I planned to start looking for work again but after helping merchants on a Facebook groups I found people requesting me to help them with the advice I was providing. Then a few recommendations turned to more and before I knew it I was a full time freelance Shopify developer and I haven't looked back since. 

I can't tell you how incredible it is to work with such talented people creating such beautiful and unique things and seeing each one making their goals reality is just the best feeling ever, corny as it may sound!

I also had the chance in this time to work with Inkthreadable for a while helping them build up their community facebook group and helping them with their marketing and design which was an absolute pleasure.

Shopify expert Shopify developer office

What about now?

Sad to say but I am no longer a full time freelancer. You know a job is good when you stop working for yourself, am I right? I'm proud to say that I'm now a theme developer for Eight who own WeTheme.

We currently have 2 themes in the theme store as well as 2 apps in the app store, all of which I'm incredibly proud of being part of.

So why is this site still up? We'll I'm not one for downtime and not only would I miss working with you incredible folk but I also gain a lot from working on stores. I now currently only take on smaller jobs and mainly don't build stores from scratch any more but everything else, if I have the time, I'm happy to do.

So if you've got a job and you like my work why not give me a call!